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We cover all gaming aspects it the African market. Implementation, management consulting, and direct operations are just some of the activities we do, and do well.

With a combined total of over a century's worth of experience across our senior management team, we are uniquely well-suited to understanding the landscape in which we do business. Not only have we operated in challenging markets and navigated economic, political, and health crises, but we have done so whilst successfully serving thousands of satisfied clients. 

Our mission & vision

Our commitment is to offer the end user transparent, fair and fun experiences in an environment where they can have every faith in the product they enjoy and the business providing it.

Our aim is to bring our brand of high quality and honest gaming to as many African markets as possible, and set an example for what our industry can be in the continent.

The values that keep it all rolling.

Providing our clients with the highest standard of service. 

Shaping the gaming industry in Africa with integrity and honesty.

Ensuring our employees are treated equally and generously.

Operating with complete transparency and fairness.

Corporate social responsibility

Our commitment is to give back to those communities from which we have received so much engagement and cooperation over the years. We achieved it by engaging at the local level to promote initiatives that we believe will help these communities grow and prosper.

It starts with always paying a fair wage, but it goes beyond that. Supporting grassroots sports initiatives, sponsoring community events during religious and national holidays, providing funding for education for exceptional students,

these are all some of the initiatives we have engaged in over the years.

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